4 Distinctive Varieties of Watch Straps

For many people, timepieces are regarded as being a fashion statement that permits the world know much more concerning their fashion sense and personality.  Here are the most popular watch straps that make a statement.

It is not surprising that watches are available in various shapes, sizes, and forms. The type of capabilities integrated within it varies considerably as well. But lest we go further into the type of elements available in timepieces today, let’s start out with probably the most apparent component of a watch: the strap.

The kind of watch straps used for the timepiece usually provides a straightforward indication of the purpose of the timepiece. Fancier straps tend to be reserved for formal events whereas rubber is preferred for sports watch. It is always best to pick a timepiece that utilizes perfect combinations when shopping for a new watch. For instance, stainless steel usually goes well together with titanium. The end result is a more long lasting and versatile product which could accompany you to various functions each day.


Leather remains to be a favorite among individuals due to its comfort, simplicity, and appearance. It is a classic material that is used throughout history for various kinds of accessories. While a lot of substitute materials abound today, a lot of elegant personalities still opt for leather as their material of choice. There is certainly a wide range of leather patterns.

The staple black and brown color can have stylish stitching to cause it to look more attractive to the younger crowd. Leather may also be colored white, pink, or orange depending on the personal preference of the consumer. Some people utilize ostrich and calfskin as well simply because it is very comfortable against the wrist.


Ceramics typically are not commonly associated with timepieces because it is seen to be easily breakable. But this is not actually the case, depending on how it is manufactured. Ceramic watch straps look nearly the same as stainless steel straps except that it can withstand damage better. Additionally it is more lightweight and much less irritable to the skin, especially when a person perspires. For all these reasons, a lot of watch manufacturers are increasingly looking into ceramic as a viable alternative.

Heavy Duty (Military)

Military bands are usually made from rubber/synthetic materials or the NATO nylon straps worn by the army, navy, and officers. The rubber/synthetic bands are waterproof so it may be worn in a variety of weather conditions. Meanwhile, the NATO strap will never rot from moisture. Leather is also used in some instance but usually not for active duty.


This list would not be complete without including titanium. Luxury sports watches, dive watches, as well as fashion wrist watches are now crafted from this very durable material. It is entirely impenetrable by water so it is perfect for divers and extreme-sports enthusiasts. And although it may scratch, it is 50% stronger than stainless steel. One more notable characteristic is that titanium does not rust.

So when you’re purchasing a brand new watchFree Web Content, consider the features and benefits of these materials before you make your purchase. It will help you ascertain which timepiece is right for your needs.

Picking Out An Ideal Watch Box

If you were transacting business worth billions by means of cash, you would definitely go big on the best encryption, material and other desirable qualities that suit the safety of your money. Similarly, when it comes to some of your most prized possessions such as watches, you will definitely look for the ultimate watch box for use. Largely, this has to do with ego, sense of class but if you think of it on the brighter side, you are actually doing yourself more good than just feeding your ego. The following are some factors that should be on your fingertips when looking for a good watch box.


Colors speak a lot about a person. They describe your personality in details in just a jiffy. Therefore, if you are a person who is always buying classy watches, then your watch box needs to be compatible to the quality of your watches. Hues vary from one degree to the other, from light shades to dark shades. More often than not, black and grey top the list of colors with a touch of class. Dark, black as well as grey boxes display the presence of male dominion.

Type of straps

Straps are also essential when it comes to choosing watches. Are you leather type or metal type? On the one hand, pure leather gives great credit to you and it is best suited for a watch box made with leather covering. On the other hand, watches with metal straps are better off without boxes covered with leather. Metals such as gold, silver, bronze just to name a few look better with dark black boxes.


The boxes vary in size and design. To bring out class, keep it simple and check on size. Some watch boxes can hold up to 10 watches while others may hold less or more. Depending on your preferences and the number of watches you possess, you can pick a box that meets all your needs. Small watch boxes will limit you in one way or another, while very big boxes may offer you more space but be too spacious. Pick something that will never make you regret a day.


In many cases, high quality products have been associated with high prices as well. To some extent, this may be true; however, not all high quality products come at expensive costs. Moreover, it does not necessarily mean that since an item is expensive, it is high quality. As you shop around in popular malls, you will be shocked to find quality products at fair prices. Even when you put your hand in pocket, there will not be too much hesitation to get cash for a good box.

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Fossil Mens Watches – Original American Style

Fossil mens watches deliver unique American style and comfort. Now you can shop for Fossil watches from the comfort of your own home with the ease of internet shopping.

Fossil mens watches are attention getters.

Fossil timepieces are marked by unusual features including oval chronographic dials, riveted leather watch straps, luminescent faces and dramatic colors. If you want an understated watch then Fossil is not the manufacturer for you. If on the other hand you want something different or slightly unusual then you will love Fossil’s quirky style. Your Fossil watch will become a key part of your overall fashion – since it will always be noticed and complimented, choose to highlight it and make the most out of wearing an eye pulling watch.

The key with watches is to find the watch that most closely suits your moods and personal style. Treat your Fossil watch as a ‘signature’ piece and match other things you are wearing to it for the greatest fashion success. This doesn’t mean that you let the watch dominate your outfit, but rather that you get your clothes and your watch to work harmoniously. With mens watches you can choose from sleek metals which pair well with crisp collared shirts and fashion denims or chunkier leather banded watches with dramatic faces which look great with casual jeans and pushed up jumper sleeves.

All Fossil watches come with a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty and many styles are water resistant.  Fossil watches are distinct and have a unique American style, as such they will work best when worn with confidence. Don’t hide your new Fossil watch under pulled down sleeves, push those sleeves up and show it off proudly.

Which Are The Fossil Watches That One Should Buy?

It depends on your taste which kind of watch you should buy. If you love to be well dressed then a fashionable watch is good for you. And one of the leading fashion watchmaker is Fossil.

If you love to enrich your wardrobe by keeping a watch, then the Fossil watches are the ones that you should choose. They have variety in colours, designs and strap options with wonderful ornamentation that will surely appeal you when you see them first. Here are some watches of the brand for your style.


1. The era is of smartphones and smartwatches.

Fossil Gen 3 Smartwatch – Q Explorist Stainless Steel FTW4000

So, the Fossil Sport Q Explorist FTW4000 is one of the best smartwatches made by the brand for the contemporary men who believe in casual dressing rather than formals. For that, this is the piece that caters to all the needs of the modern watch users. It’s digital dial with black painting shows its efficiency and close connection to modernity. The built-in fitness tracker consistently keeps on tracking your fitness level. This ‘wearable computer’ is enabled with Google Maps, LED flashlight, control your music and others which can help you being engaged. If you are a professional, then this is the watch that you can keep.

2. Fossil watches for men resemble their sturdy temperaments fusing sophistication and watchmaking brilliance.

The blooming rose-gold bezel and blue dial amalgamate to form a magical essence when worn. The brilliantly crafted dial of this model makes a wearer happy while performing. A pleasing rose-gold push button at the right part of the steel case is useful for a wearer in changing the time when needed.If you follow the design of this watch, you can understand that it has been constructed skillfully that adheres to the international standards. Its navy blue leather strap connects the case and also gives the ultimate comfort to a wearer’s wrist with flexibility and interchanging option. This piece is fit for you if you want to refresh yourself or want to update your fashion.

3. Depicting the glory and glamour of the performing ladies,

the Fossil Jacqueline ES4322 stuns everyone near her. Its MOP dial exudes a tender flavour that matches with the mildness of the caring mothers. The date counter at the 6 o’clock position can ensure her see the updated date of a month. Whereas, Roman numerals set time-markers are there to create a conventional appeal. Its steel made and the silver painted band has been architected by the genius craftsmen which results in its innovative design.This scintillating watch is perfect for the fashion flaunting ladies leading a march or presiding over an event.

4. Subtlety has been best unveiled with the grey painting over the magnificent surface of the Fossil Minimalist 3H FS5377 watch.

The USP of this watch is its simplified design. There is nothing intricate in this men’s watch. Its blue dial consists of the red seconds as well as silver minute and hours hands. They conjoin with the glowing indexes to provide a glossy appeal. This stylish watch is suitable for your fashionable outfit and easy-going temperament. It can be best when you wear this fashionable piece with your worthy suit. The stainless steel treated flexible band is an example of the brand’s pioneer in making excellent timepieces.

5. Other than the smartwatches, hybrid watches are also the kind of pieces that are gaining the global watch market.

Fossil is among the leading watchmaker that is famous for its rich collection of these timepieces. The Fossil Q Grant FTW1156 is a casual hybrid smartwatch. It’s enticing structure takes the men to the top of their moods. Its glittering silver round bezel saves the piece from heat effect and also enhances the elegance of a wearer.It looks traditional but works like an advanced timepiece. Enclosed with features like Bluetooth, this wearable piece is compatible with your Android phone. You can interchange the straps of this watch which also an additional facility.

These are the Fossil watches that are made for people of various tastes. Of these pieces, you can choose the one that fits your mood.

The writer of this content is a watch admirer who loves the Fossil watches and thus writes about them in his articles to enhance everyone’s knowledge about them.

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Water Resistant Watch. Is it really?

How Water Resistant Is Your Watch? Given the kind of technology which made it possible for watchmaking companies to produce highly precise watches, it is not that mind-boggling if they are able to come up with timepieces that can work perfectly well even in unusual conditions, say, under water.

Manufacturers claiming their watches are water resistant.

The operative word here is claiming. Because even if it is feasible to create a watch that can still run as usual even underwater, you cannot be entirely sure that the watch you are getting is indeed water resistant as advertised. Unless they are submerged when displayed in stores, there really is no proof that these watches are water resistant. Or is there?

Essentially, there are ways in order to distinguish a water resistant watch from a normal one. Appearance-wise, you have to first:

Check out the watch’s lining.

For a watch to keep on running even underwater, it has to be watertight as well as airtight. This is why it is important to examine the materials used in the lining. Materials commonly used in the lining are rubber or nylon gaskets. These gaskets are put into place so that water can be prevented from entering the watch. While you are it, confirm how thick it is. Of course, the thicker the gasket is the better.

No matter how gaskets are skillfully placed, they are still not that reliable. Depending on the water pressure and the number of times the watch will be worn underwater, it may not be able to block the water for a long time. This is why applying a lubricant is a must. A lubricant or a sealant, as experts call it, is applied inside the edge of the watch to solidify the gasket. Sealant makes it more enduring and at the same time guarantees that the parts necessary to keep the watch working are not reached by water.

Apart from the lining (and the lubricant), watches which went under a leakage test bear a water resistant mark that is normally located at the back. Leakage test is only way to see how long can the watch work while submerged and how deep one can use the same watch.

MEGIR Mens Military Sport Watch Fashion Casual Leather Luminous Waterproof Quartz Wrist Watches for Business Office Work School Outdoor Use, Good Gift for Men

Water resistant marks.

Based on the leakage test results, the watch will display the water resistant mark along with some specifications such as numbers quantified in meters. For most people, the number in meters is the watch’s limit when in underwater. For example, if the watch says water resistant 10M, it means that the wearer can wear the watch as long as he or she does not go deeper than 10 meters. While it is understandable why people make this assumption, it is not exactly what the number is for. The number known as the depth rating gives the wearer a ballpark figure of the watch’s level of water resistance. Watches with a depth rating of less than 30 meters are okay to be exposed to water once in a while. On the other hand, if you are interested in getting a watch which can be worn while swimming or doing other water sports, it is best to get a watch with a depth rating higher than 100 meters. If you are going to be scuba-diving, it is strongly recommended to get a watch with a depth rating of not less than 200 meters.

If you want a watch that is no doubt water resistant, you can always go for a luxury watch. You would notice that most luxury watch brands have released a series or two which are specifically water resistant.

Tips on What to Look for When Buying a Sport Chronograph Watch

People buy watches for many reasons. Maybe it’s your daughters graduation, or maybe your son has made the local football team or maybe it’s your partners birthday.

Maybe you’re going on an expedition or holiday and your current watch is not up to it. Or maybe your watch has just plain died and its time to get a new one.

Well you’ve come to the right place!

The internet has become a huge part of peoples lives these days. Its a great way to research the options and a great place to buy.

You’ll want to decide on the main purpose of the watch. Just telling the time? Just telling someone that you love and appreciate them? Or being able to measure your race car’s performance. There a 101 reasons to buy. Yours will boil down to a few.

Once the purpose is decided you’ll want to think about the image. Big Brand watches have a no nonsense story to tell. But you dont want to be attacked by someone who wants your watch! There’s a good case for owning a number of watches. A beautiful, top brand watch, for those special occasions when you need to impress, a cheapo for touring 3rd world countries and a daily for the office or school campus.

If the watch is a gift you want to be remembered by, consider a mechanical watch. Its likely to retain its value, certainly if its a big name and one day, it may be handed on to another generation, with the words, “my father gave me this watch, when I went to my Prom. Its always been very special to me. I want you to have it now.”

Watches are jewellery too and can have a lot of meaning to those who receive and own them.

Who knows, you may be remembered one day by the watch you buy today.

What is a, Sport Chronograph Watch?

Basically a, Sport chronograph watch, is a watch with additional timing functions. Many sports have the competitor completing a task in a set time. Any watch can tell you roughly how fast the competitor is going. A chronograph watch has separate functions to precisely measure the elapsed time. Check how many timing features your watch has. One additional dial means you can start, stop and cancel a sequence. Two additional dials usually means you can stop and zero one timer, while the other continues. This gives you elapsed time and individual lap times.

Waterproof watches.

Many waterproof watches have a screw down winder function. Like divers watches. This improves their waterproofness. If you want a watch to go diving with, you must check whether the watch is just “splash proof” or is OK to dive as deep as you can. Manufacturers are careful to specify what conditions their watches will perform in. Always check these figures, before plunging your watch. Jumping into the water can considerably increase the pressure on your timepiece. Be sure it can handle it.

What is a “Flyback Function?”

This means that the timer part of your watch can be zero’d after a timing event. i.e. the timer hand “flys” back to zero. Different watches have different functions. If this is important to you, check before you buy.

Watch Movement.

The “movement” is the driving component inside your watch case. You can get basically 3 types of movement.

Mechanical movements

These date back 100’s of years to when timepieces were first made. Huge strides have been made in the manufacture of mechanical watches. The metals used, the techniques and the functions of mechanical watches are amazing and delicate. Mechanical watches, are the most collectible. Clearly demonstrating the makers skill. Check that the watch you are buying is “mechanical”. If it is, you will need to have it serviced every 3 or 4 years, more important with the better quality ones. They do wear and get dirty. They are also more prone to sudden shock. Like mountain biking etc. But they are the most fascinating. Early watches had to be wound every day. It is a daily ritual. Create a “habit” by stopping to wind it, every time you put it on. Modern watches are often “auto winding”. If you have one of these, they should be removed during vigorous exercise.

Quartz and Electronic

Many modern chronograph watches now have no moving parts. Except for a vibrating crystal. A battery powers the crystal, which oscillates at a constant frequency. This gives the watch its amazing time keeping qualities. They are easy to own and manufacture. So you can often get very good value, with a lot of functionality and good looks. They dont need winding, but its a good idea to replace the batteries every three years. Sometimes the batteries will corrode and leak. This can damage the function of your watch.

Timekeeping is accurate and maintenance almost zero. So you will always know the time, without any effort.

New Technology

New methods of driving a watch have recently come on the market.

Seiko, produced a kinetic watch that is powered by your movement.

Citizen have created a light powered watch called an “Eco-Drive.” This uses sunlight to run it and can store as much power as is needed to run the watch for up to 5 years.

How to care for your watch

Firstly wear your watch only where it is appropriate. If you are going rock climbing or mixing concrete, its a good idea to not wear your watch. They are not indestructible and despite their “rugged” good looks they do need looking after.

Never leave your watch in direct sunlight. The sun can overheat your watch and damage its function.

Thermal shock can also damage a watch. Heating in the sun then plunging into cold water can affect your watch. Best to avoid.

The battery in your quartz watch is affected by extreme heat and extreme cold. Keep your watch at temperatures you live in. Dont expose to extremes.

Leather straps can be damaged with household cleaners or any chemicals. Keep your watch away from chemicals. Clean your watch strap, as per the manufacturers instructions. Metal straps can be affected by sand and grit. Keep them clean or clean after exposure.

If your glass “fogs” take the watch immediately to a watch repair agent, to avoid movement damage.

If your watch is exposed to sea water and is waterproof, rinse it off with fresh water. Otherwise wipe with a damp cloth to remove any corrosive salt.

How much to Pay?

Always a tough question. Just remember the old adage. “A cheap price is great on the day, but quality rewards you, over time.” 2 years down the track, the few extra dollars you spent on buying quality, will be valued far more than the “price paid” on the day. Buy the best your budget will allow.

Take your time looking for your next, sport chronograph watch. You will get many years of faithful service from the big name watches. They have a substantial reputation to live up to. People rely on the brand and the merchant to deliver a quality product more than capable of delivering excellent service and satisfaction.

John Franzis is a watch collector and historian.

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Why Consider Using Wooden Watches?

Wood has been an important building material throughout the world since the early days of humanity. Construction, farming, and several other industries have understood the unique nature of wood and the value it provides.

Wooden Watches – latest trend

In today’s world, everyone, especially Canadians, love being in touch with nature and live a simple and casual life. The latest rage in fashion watches today are wooden watches. They are known as being very fashionable (among both men and women). These timepieces have always been loved but there are many qualities that make them desirable.

An immense amount of time and effort put into every hand crafted piece. Now here are:

5 Reasons to consider wearing a wooden watch

  • They stand out because they are different, and naturally beautiful. Natural variation in wood grain ensures that no two watches will be exactly the same. Nature produces distinct wood grain patterns even within the same tree. This adds to the warmth, uniqueness, and character of each watch.
  • Any watch made of wood is light-weight. This is true for all watches that are 100% wood. Most of them are half the weight of a watch with a metal band.
  • Wooden watches are eco-friendly. This is one of the most talked about benefits of these watches. These watches are from a renewable resource since we can replant trees. Most wooden timepieces are from scrap wood and most of the boxes are from recycled papers. We can save the future with one watch at a time.
  • These watches are hypoallergenic with non toxic finish. This is great for many people who are allergic to metal against their skin.
  • Wooden watches are a part of every day fashion at a very reasonable price.

After all the great reasons to have a wooden watch, just don’t forget that not all wooden watches are the same especially if there is cheap wood veneer on steel watches. Making sure that you have an 100% natural wood watch is important.

BOBO BIRD Wooden Mens Watches Large Size Stylish Wood & Stainless Steel Combined Chronograph Military Quartz Watch

Wooden watch reminds about nature every day

Nature has never been so well used. Eco friendly, hypoallergenic, non toxic finish, light weight are a few qualities of hand-made wooden watches. Also, any of these kind of watch will changes and ages along with you, giving it a unique look after time with the patina. Keeping forests healthy and happy keeps our society healthy and happy. By having a wooden watch you can keep a reminder on your wrist. Enjoy all watches that are 100% natural woods.

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5 Features You Must Consider Before Buying Watches

A survey has revealed that one of the most common purchases that are being done online is that of buying wristwatches. If you are planning to buy one, you have to understand how you can choose the best from the wide varieties of brands and styles on the market. So, here you will find vital things you should consider when buying watches online.


Watches come in various sizes. Typically, rectangular watches are somewhat narrow compared to round watches. The average range for men’s watches is 38 – 42mm, though there are some that are up to 55mm in size. For ladies’ watch, an average size for a rectangular watch is often 18 – 22mm.

Quartz or Mechanical

Quartz watches are electronic in operation as they require batteries or solar energy to function. They have a high degree of reliability and accuracy and they are cheaper than other brands. Mechanical watches have a wind-up spring which turns a gear system and which in turn turns the spindles. You will need to wind it up every 2 days. Some watches are automatic because they have a small rotor which spins round to wind up the spring. These brands of watches can last for a lifetime, if properly maintained.

Analog or Digital

A digital watch has a small LCD or LED screen which shows time in a digital format while an analog watch has moving spindles. Analog watches often show time, day, and date; they may also have alarm or stopwatch functions. In addition to time and date, a digital watch sometimes comes with one or more of electronic compasses, barometers, altimeters, timers, thermometers, and multiple alarms.

Crystal Materials

This refers to the glass which covers the dial itself. It can be made of a mineral glass, acrylics, or sapphire crystals.
– Acrylics are prone to scratches, though they are sometimes polished to clear off the scratches.
– Mineral glasses are resistant to scratches, but they can’t be polished.
– Sapphire crystals are almost impossible to scratch except you use diamonds or another sapphire. Although they are costly, they last longer.

Nonetheless, the case material of your watch is very crucial if you will have to wear it all day long. So, you could opt for watches with titanium, stainless steel, or gold because they have high durability.

Leather or Metal Bracelet

Depending on your preferences in terms of comfort, durability and attractiveness, you can buy watches that have leather bracelets or those with metal bracelets.

Finally, buying watches online requires that you find a credible seller that has the best deals that are not only affordable but also of good quality. If the dealer does not have your favourite brand and style, you should contact their Support Desk to get a deal.

For quality deals and special offers on a particular watch of your chosen brand, visit chinabuye.com. You will find various exotic products such as a phone watch.

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Divers Watches – A Dream even if you are not a diving pro

Diving watches are designed for divers who need to rely on an accurate and sophisticated timepiece, no matter their environment.

What is Divers watch?

Diving watches are designed for divers who need to rely on an accurate and sophisticated timepiece, no matter their environment. A divers watch is designed so, at a minimum, they are able to offer a water resistance of ten atmosphere units. This is equivalent to one hundred meters, or three hundred and thirty feet. Typical diving watches, which are available on the market, are going to offer their wearers a water resistance of two hundred to three hundred meters. It is equivalent to diving depths of six hundred and sixty to nine hundred and ninety feet. Modern technology has been impressive in this field also. Today’s diver watches will allow their wearers to enjoy deeper diving depths without hurting or injuring the watch itself.

What about Standarts?

The International Organization for Standardization, or the ISO, defines the test standards and features in order to help determine which watches are more capable as diver’s watches. A true diver’s wristwatch will often be in accordance with the standards set forth in ISO 6425. In order to distinguish which watches are in line with ISO 6425 and which are not, the watches that do adhere to the standards are marked with the word “DIVER’S”. If a watch has this word printed on it, it is a suitable one for scuba diving.

Additional requirements for diving watches.

Some additional requirements for diving watches include the presence of a bezel that is unidirectional. The bezel needs to have at least every five minute markings as well as a pre-select marker to denote a specific minute marking. Minute markings on the face need to be clear and easy to read. These watches also need to have readability or visibility at 25 centimeters, or 9.84 inches, in total and complete darkness. These watches also need to be designed to be chemically resistant. In order to test this, the watches are immersed in a solution for twenty four hours in order to test the watch’s resistance to rust.

A little bit history.

Diver watches have been improved upon over time. But in the early days of diver watches they were developed in response to the needs of military and professional divers. It is believed that Omega enjoys the distinction of creating the world’s first diving watch. While watch dealers offer a number of more modern Omega and other divers wristwatches, the first diver’s watch Omega had created was the Omega Marine. It was introduced in the year 1932. In addition to Omega, there are a number of companies that are able to offer consumers highly functional watches designed for diving. They are designed as tool watches, but they can also be designed with fashion in mind. Diver watches have been designed for both men and women, in either an analog or a digital format.

Diving watches need to have a case that is adequately water resistant. It also needs to be able to endure the seawater’s galvanic corrosiveness. Many, including those featured by online watch dealers, are made out of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, ceramics, resin or plastic. Some of the most impressive and popular diver’s watches include the Omega Seamaster 300 M Diver ChronometerFree Articles, the Breitling Avenger Seawolf Chronograph and the IWC Aquatimer Minute Memory.

5 Tips For Men on How to Be on Time – Every Time!

Real men make it a point to be punctual.

There is a saying out there that says, “Suit up and show up.” It’s a great saying. We should all get it together and get where we are supposed to be, but in the crazy, stressed life of the average guy juggling work, family, friends, relationships and health, punctuality is not always at the top of the list. The following five easy steps will keep you on track and on time.

1. Get a watch!

Sorry to have to yell that one at you, but hey! Every man should have a watch today. There are no excuses not to. You can find stylish affordable watches literally everywhere. The point is, if you can’t get to things on time because you don’t know the time that just looks like laziness. In fact, that actually is laziness.

2. Get psyched up for it (whatever it is)

We all have tasks to do in life that we just do not want to do but still have to do. You will absolutely find yourself more eager and on time if you can find something (even the smallest thing) to get you excited about what you have to go to and do.

3. Lie to yourself

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? This can be kind of hard to do but not impossible and well worth the effort. When you know you have to be some place at a specific time, more the time up earlier in your plans. For example, you have a business meeting at 9 a.m. Act like it is at 8:30. Your date with that super hot woman you met on the subway is at 8 p.m. Show up at 7:30. There is no shame in being early while being late can cost you much more in working and personal relationships. You can even enlist the help of your friends and colleagues or family – just tell them to always tell you an earlier time!

4. Plan on down time

Even if everything you do goes according to plan, the rest of the world may want to make you wait (and be late). Plan on this – its Murphy’s Law after all. Be prepared with work or a cell phone so that the time you lose is not time wasted.

5. Let go of that “one last thing”

In an effort to cram it all in, many men with try to utilize every last second to get just about anything done. This is not worth it. You will rush through whatever it is and you will be late for your next engagement.

Like I said at the beginning, real men show up on time. So get a watch and get it together. Suit up. And show up. On time.

One of those in need of a watch? For super deals and a great selection on stylish and sportive Mens Wrist Watches check out Mens Wrist Watches [http://menswristwatchesonline.com] Online!

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